Choosing The Right Event

Why You Need To Attend California Cannabis Business Expo 2017

This is our third annual expo. In the past 2 years our events have attracted hundreds of sponsors and exhibitors along with thousands of attendees. We have also presented another half dozen workshops featuring top quality speakers to keep attendees up to date with quality education on compliance, regulations, new technologies, emerging market trends and more. Our special sessions this year will include:

Competitive Pricing

We include for our exhibitors and sponsors at no additional charge:
  • Full access to educational sessions.
  • Full access to evening networking sessions.
  • Buffet brunches in the exhibit hall for all exhibitors, sponsors, speakers and VIP conference attendees.
  • Booth properly set up with draping, table, chairs and carpet.
  • No-fee charging stations.
  • Our exclusive exhibitor valet – a team of workers with carts to help you carry in and out smaller boxes, banners and any other materials you can carry in that individually weigh less than 150 pounds.

We Help You Meet Your Goals

There are many reasons to sponsor and exhibit at a trade show. Ask yourself these key questions:
  • Are you looking for new customers?
  • Are you seeking new partners? New capital sources, or expansion possibilities?
  • Will the other exhibitors and sponsors attract quality attendance?
  • Is there a focus on gaining attendance from industry leaders and investors that can help with business growth?

CCBExpo is the leading event in the largest legal market in North America – California. If you want your business to play a leading part in this growing industry – California has and will continue to lead the way. This is the place to be to meet with new customers, partners and expand your reach in the fastest growing industry in the country!

Our Speakers

CCBExpo has provided leading speakers in the industry for three years covering key topics with industry leading advocacy groups and government officials as well as experts in medicinal use marijuana, cultivation techniques, extraction, manufactured products, financial and legal compliance, licensing applications, facilities management, technology development and other numerous areas.

Speakers are properly vetted for their subject matter expertise. Many conferences create sessions for “pay to play” speakers, which can be distracting and lead to lower quality advertorial content. We will never have the most sessions for attendees because we focus on having the best sessions.

Quality Networking

A trade show by nature is a networking event. CCBExpo takes networking to a new level by including:
  • The industry’s only online social networking platform with full smartphone adaptation that allows everyone in attendance to connect, schedule and engage before, during and after the show.
  • Quality meals in the exhibit hall for attendees, exhibitors, sponsors and speakers.
  • On-site evening networking without those annoying add-on charges.
  • Dedicated areas for meetings up to 100 people, or grab a table for those important one on one discussions.


Our focus is on connecting businesses to each other.
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