Business Licensing and Compliance

Day 1
06 Mar 2017
Day 2
07 Mar 2017

California State and Municipal Cannabis Licensing

It is important to start now and plan on how to secure critical municipal licenses in order to be eligible for eventual state licenses, and to understand the scope of...
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Lawrence W. Horwitz

Distribution Of Cannabis In California

Regulations in place require that cannabis products go through a regulated supply chain that includes licenses for transport and distribution. Many industries use this model to create efficiency in regulatory...
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Justin Braune
Jen Gentile
AJ Gentile

Keynote: Dana Rohrabacher

Congressman Dana Rohrabacher

Compliance and Enforcement

This session will focus on compliance issues once licensing is obtained and government enforcement actions for noncompliance.  This will include potential enforcement at the municipal, state and federal levels.
Silvia San Nicolas, Esq.

California Government Officials Round Table

Q&A with a panel of experts prepared to address any license, operations, reporting and compliance issues in California.

Medical and Recreational Cannabis

California will have two distinct regulatory environments: medical and recreational, providing business opportunities across the supply chain. We focus here on important differences between the two laws, but also focus...
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John Armstrong

Financial, Accounting and Banking

Local and state laws require careful financial record keeping, while federal law predictably provides no cooperation in tax planning.  We focus here on record keeping requirements, including accounting and tax...
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Michael Anthony Tuccelli-Margolin
Jordan Gerber

A Look Ahead In The Battle For Legalization

Norm Kent has been a leading advocate in Florida and nationally where he has served as Chair of the Board of Directors with NORML. Norm has appeared on Dateline, Court TV,...
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Norman Elliott Kent, Esq.

IRS 280E

Parham Khorsandi, Esq
Robert Carp

Background Checks and Cannabis Industry

The Cannabis industry is exploding and under extreme scrutiny across the United States. Now more than ever, Cannabis businesses need to protect what they’ve worked so hard to build. A...
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Karin Clarke

Buying and Selling a Cannabis Business In California

Buying and selling any business can be difficult and rife with issues – buying and selling a cannabis business may be a risky proposition unless you work with experts.
Andrew Matthews
Kevin Sutherland

What License Will You Need in 2018?

Every business that wishes to participate legally under the new California rules for both medical and recreational need to start preparing now for 2018. What is the right license for...
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Justin S. Beck
Lawrence W. Horwitz

Feminine Mystique: Products for the Woman Consumer

Women oversee the majority of household healthcare budgets. The majority of cannabis purchases are made by young men. In ‘The Feminine Mystique” we will discuss the current state of female-focused...
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Ophelia Chong
Megan Champion
Michael Katz
Jen Gentile

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