Cannabis Cultivation

Cultivation Workshop

Time Schedules and Speakers To Be Added
Day 1
06 Mar 2017
Day 2
07 Mar 2017

Control and Prevention of Bugs, Mold, Mildew, etc; 

One of the biggest challenges faced by cultivators is the controlling and mitigation of potentially crop damaging pests and microbial contamination. With new regulations and more stringent product testing coming...
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Peter Maguire

Fertigation Systems

When you think of fertilizing, you probably also think of adding the nutrient to the soil of each plant. But for many professional growers, that’s too time-consuming and inconsistent. Instead,...
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Kurt Parbst

Land Use regulations for Cultivation Facilities

Learn how to navigate the local regulatory requirements so that you are eligible for California State Licensing in 2018. This panel will review the types of local approval necessary and...
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Gina Austin ESQ

Energy Efficiency and Climate Control in Cultivation Facilities

This session will explore the basic principles of perfecting sealed environment climate control. We will discuss and compare systems for dehumidification and temperature control based on precision, first cost, and...
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Ryan Knight
Conor Guckian
Kurt Parbst

Emerging Brands Showcase

Companies pitch their products and services to an expert panel of growers and/or dispensary owners that rate and review the products after some lively audience participation. These 1 hour showcases...
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Product Branding

Jared Mirsky
Aaron Raskin

What License Will You Need in 2018?

Every business that wishes to participate legally under the new California rules for both medical and recreational need to start preparing now for 2018. What is the right license for...
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Lawrence W. Horwitz

Sun-Grown Cultivation

Joseph Shepp
Kristin Nevedal

Cannabis Cup Winners Panel

Michael Mayes
Ed Rosenthal

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