Concentrates – Processing, Edibles and Manufactured Products

Processing, Edibles and Manufactured Products Topics

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Day 1
07 Mar 2017

Cannabis Prohibition and the Evolution of Extraction Technologies

Cannabis prohibition has striking similarities to alcohol prohibition in the roaring twenties. The upcoming presentation titled, “Cannabis prohibition and the evolution of cannabis extraction technologies,” touches on the tremendous opportunity...
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Dr. Joshua Hartsel, Ph.D.

Different Types of Cartomizers and Batteries

Extraction is becoming a hugh market and it’s important for extractors to know the differences. Not all oils are of the same viscosity which means not all cartomizers will work...
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Jeff Fagan

Manufactured Packaging Compliance

Gabriel A. Guzman
Ben Wu
Jared Mirsky

Advances in Extraction: Double Yield in Half the Time by Focusing on Essential Principles and Practices

During this time, we will examine the reality of extraction for a wide spectrum of formulated products. It is tantamount to maximize profits in a market that is demonstrating a...
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John McKay

Comparing and Contrasting Analogous and Orthogonal Analytical Techniques for Product Formulation

Terpenes, cannabinoids, pesticides and other contaminants also need to be reviewed at different “angles” and “points of view” to increase the confidence in the plant’s components of interest, as well...
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John Shinoda

Emerging Brands Showcase

Andy Sherman
Kim Geraghty
Jeanine Moss

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