Science And Medicine Of Cannabis

Day 1
08 Mar 2017

Cannabis is Medicine: “Cannabis Medicinal Research”

Dr. Titus will walk audiences through the complicated past of medical marijuana, including its removal from the U.S. pharmacopeia and the discovery of cannabinoids and the cannabinoid system in the...
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Dr. Stuart Titus

Coping with PTSD

Dr. Sue Sisley

Un-Blinding Me with Science

We expect our policy makers to create laws that reflect reality and are usually shocked and indignant when they don’t. But what is really behind good decision making? Its facts,...
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Shawn Ripley

Finding The Right strain for your ailment or desired feeling

Founder and CEO of MyDx Daniel Yazbeck will describe the company’s latest efforts in leveraging their proprietary crowdsourced data in formulating cannabinoid and terpene profiles in delivery mechanisms that will...
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Daniel Yazbeck

Cannabis vs. Opiates

Jeffery Adam Ostriker, M.D.
Eddie “Boo” Williams
Marvin Washington


Oren Cohen


Dr Dan Price MD
Alison Ettel

What Each Pass Includes