Kristin Nevedal

Chief Compliance Officer at Humboldt's Finest Farms

Marvin Washington

NFL Super Bowl XXXIII Winner

Cullen Raichart

Founder & CEO, GreenBroz, Inc

Jeff Doctor

Executive Director, National Indian Cannabis Coalition

Joseph Shepp

CEO and Co-Founder of Humboldt’s Finest

Parham Khorsandi, Esq

VP of Client Services at Tax Defense Partners

Gina Austin ESQ

Managing Attorney, Austin Legal Group

Sean McNulty, CFA

Principal at XIB Financial

Deron Colby

Attorney at Horwitz and Armstrong

Jeffrey Rosen

Principal of CBZ Insurance Services

Danny Davis

Managing Partner at Convectium

Cedrec Sumimoto

Founder of Kind Scientific

Dr. Sue Sisley

Cannabis Research Scientist

Dan Nicholls, CFA

Vice President of the MJIC Marijuana Index

Lawrence W. Horwitz

Horwitz and Armstrong

Karin Clarke

CEO of KC Business Solutions

Gabriel A. Guzman

Brand Director of Marijuana Packaging

Kristin Fox

Editor in Chief, Marijuana Investor News

John Armstrong

Partner at Horwitz + Armstrong

Peter Maguire

VP of System Applications for Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions

Donato Sferra, CFA, CPA, CA

Principal and Managing Director of Investment Banking at Eight Capital

Oren Cohen

founder and CEO of TerpeneExperts.com

Dr Dan Price MD

Lead physician, MeadowMD

Mara Gordon


Adam Bramlage

CEO and Farmer at Hummingbird Medicinals

AJ Gentile

CEO, SpeedWeed

Ophelia Chong

Founder + COO of Pot Stock Photos

Jason Zandberg, CFA

Special Situations Analyst of PI Financial Corp.

Erin Phillips

CEO of Strainwise

Jeanine Moss

Founder and CEO of AnnaBis LLC

Josh Ray

Director of Security at CSA

Kim Geraghty

Founder of Madame Munchie

Jared Mirsky

CEO & Founder of Online Marijuana Design

Jared Gold

Chief Cultivation Officer at Genius Extraction Technologies

Chris Sayegh

Chief Executive Officer/Head Chef, The Herbal Chef

David Dobkin

Founder and CEO of Dobkin & Company

Daniel Yazbeck

CEO & Founder, MyDx, Inc.

Justin Braune


Congressman Dana Rohrabacher

Congressman of California's 48th District

Justin S. Beck

Chairman and co-founder of Cultivation Technologies, Inc

Michelle Reefer

cannabis cultivator and genetic strain tester

Shawn Ripley

CEO of Grass Roots Pharmaceuticals

Randy Shipley

MJIC President

Karson Humiston

Founder of Vangst Talent Network

Silvia San Nicolas, Esq.

Chief Strategy Officer of Compliance for MJIC Compliance

Tim Swail

Co-Founder & Executive Vice President of Sales at Boveda

Kurt Divich

President of Integrity Investor Relations

Michael E. Cindrich

Co-Founder, Trustee, and Vice President of Gridiron Cannabis Foundation

Paul Smithers

CEO and President of Innovative Industrial Properties (IIPR)

Tom Siciliano

President of Canna Security America (CSAX)

Eddie “Boo” Williams

Founder and CEO of Black Ghost Enterprises

Derek Peterson

CEO and Chairman of Terra Tech Corp. (TRTC)

Barry Clark

Co-Founder and CEO at FlowerKist

Michael Mayes

Chief Executive Officer for Quantum 9, Inc

Kevin Sutherland

President of CannaMergers

Gary Swanson

CEO and Founder of FreshStor/CVault

Brandon Gatewood

Owner of Project 7 Security Group

Michael Marckx

CDO of Creative Disruption

Robert Carp

Founder at Carp Law Offices

Derwin Wallace

Founder of CannaInvestor Magazine and CannaInvestor Webcast

Mark Leibovit

Chief Market Strategist of VRTrader.com

John Shinoda

Principal Technical Support Specialist

Matt Krum

VP of Grower Sales at Advancing Alternatives

Michael Anthony Tuccelli-Margolin

Co-Founder of C4 Ever Systems

John McKay

Senior Director Strategic Technologies

Michael Berger

President and Founder of Technical 420

Jen Gentile

Chief Marketing Officer, SpeedWeed

Aaron Raskin

Creative Producer - Harbinger Pro

Michael Gorenstein

CEO and Chairman of The Cronos Group (TSX-V:MJN) (OTC:PRMCF)

James R. Lowe

President of Cultivation, Co-founder MJardin

Sean Murphy

Founder and Publisher of Hemp Business Journal

Conor Guckian

Founder of Accelerated Growth Solutions

Isamarie Pérez

Head of Business Development and Operations at Meadow

Jeffery Adam Ostriker, M.D.

Doctor at Coastal Medical Corporation

Eric Gomez

CEO and Founder of Canopy San Diego

Ben Wu

President & Chief Operating Officer of Kush Bottles

Dr. Joshua Hartsel, Ph.D.

CEO/Co-Founder Speakeasy710

Keith Stroup

Founder - NORML

Nick Kovacevich

CEO of Kush Bottles (KSHB)

Jeff Fagan

CEO at Tantra Vape

Jack Scatizzi

Managing Director of Canopy San Diego

Kurt Parbst

Director Of Business Development, Agam Greenhouse

Ashley Martino

Madame Munchie

Mark Restelli

Former Professional Football Player

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